As evident from the name, the term photo walk is an activity in which a group of photography enthusiasts come together and walk around to take pictures that interest them. A lot of Photo Clubs organize these photo walks in various places. This has been a common practice since recent times among photographers whether amateur or professional.

According to Wikipedia, photo walking has sometimes been compared to street photography, a type of documentary photography activity. However, although a person participating in a photo walk may practice street photography, they are not limited to that scope; they may also practice Macro photography, Architectural photography, Nature photography, etc. Also, street photography is typically an activity practiced as an individual photographer rather than in a group.

Although photo walks have been practiced in the late 19th century and continued gradually throughout the 20th century, this format of photographing together in a group has become immensely popular only in recent years. Street photography is all about capturing the raw, genuine and authentic blends of street life that is present right before you. The frames are not staged and are totally candid. That is one of the main highlights of street photography. The shutterbugs capture whatever is present in front of them and they utilize those subjects and situations to their full potential. On numerous occasions, a photographer likes to click in monochrome. This monochromatic tone of pictures is a true representation of its soul and gives an artistic likeness to them.

The alleyways and lively streets of Bangalore have a distinct and an urban charm to them. The big hoardings, a live concert outside a mall, book fairs and craft exhibitions, all become a part of the photographer’s gallery during the photo walks. On various occasions, few strollers from the crowd also become supportive and do not hesitate to strike a pose for the benefit of the photographers. Our prominent mentor, Abhishek Virendra, has been on a number of photo walks in various parts of Bangalore and has brought a lot of experiences to his already existing huge assemblage of expertise and proficiency in Fashion Photography. He has been a part of multitude photo walks across different regions of Bangalore capturing the heart and soul of the city. He has collaborated with various budding photographers and has been on a few photo walking ventures to explore unique and colourful aspects of street life in Bangalore and capture them till his aesthetic and creative yearning for photography is fulfilled.